Our Services

Medical Transcription

Our core product, the EZ Smart Transcription Service has been widely adopted in national independent hospitals, NHS trusts, practice managers, independent practitioners  and clinics.

EZ Smart’s primary expertise lies within the Medical Transcription; delivering medico-legal report production, clinical letters, referrals, interdepartmental notifications, health screen reports and much more. This knowledge, combined with the latest technology in digital dictation workflow systems, has produced an uncompromised solution to medical administration and healthcare processes.

The EZ Smart Medical Transcription package includes digital dictation workflow solutions both supply, installation, support and free-of-charge training.

Other Industry Sectors

In addition to our standard healthcare and NHS clients, the EZ Smart Transcription Services have shown tangible and measurable benefits in academic research, legal, accounting, conferencing & meetings and general commercial sectors.

EZ Smart can offer organisations a spectrum of a digital solutions depending on the industry sector’s needs – from file encryption, reporting to bespoke templates creation and simple smartphone applications.

Smartphone Dictation Innovations

EZ Smart makes the end user transition to digital smartphone dictation seamless with our Smartphone App designed with simplicity and usability as its core component. Our relationship with key software designers, Philips and Olympus, has meant that we have customised the leading dictation Smartphone App into a complete dictation and transcription application.

The EZ Smart Dictation App allows you to dictate your letter, memo or report onto your Smartphone and send for transcription to our secretarial team immediately; meaning you can process your voice files from anywhere that you have a phone connection.

Service Productivity Benefits

  • Document turnaround times decreased
  • No need for temporary staff cover – immediate cover available for employee holidays, sick leave or just administration surges
  • Quick and easy document exporting via the latest in digital dictation solutions including smartphone applications

Financial Benefits

  • The Medical Transcription package can be “pay-as-you-go”; meaning you only pay for the quantity of transcription that you require – no lengthy investment or long-term contracts.
  • Reduce typing costs by up to 80%.
  • Obtain the Digital Dictation Solution for free (subject to terms and conditions)
  • 365-days a year/24-hours a day service; ‘insuring’ sites against employee sickness & holiday leave.

EZ Smart offers a one-stop solution for all transcription services.